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16 Week Limited Equipment Training Programme

16 Week Limited Equipment Training Programme

16 Week Bespoke Training Programme.


Limited Equipment Training Programme. With the goals are to maintain your overall health and wellbeing, 

as well as your mental wellbeing as a result of increased endorphin release over a prolonged period in order to maintain your performance, this programme will provide you with the necessary structure you needto succeed! Stay Home, Stay Safe, But Be Active!    


- Comprised of 16 weeks, 5 sessions a week of progressive training.

~ Day 1 : Upper Body.

~ Day 2 : Lower Body.

~ Day 3 : Weighted Abs.

~ Day 4 : Rest Day (stretch & mobility and/or Active Recovery.

~ Day 5 : Arms.

~ Day 6 : Bodyweight Abs.

~ Day 7 : Rest Day (stretch & mobility and/or Active Recovery.


- Plus injury prevention warmups and mobility routines for all upper and lower body sessions. As well as conditioning (cardio) throughout all 16 weeks of the training programme.


- Furthermore there are video tutorials on my Youtube channel for every single exercise used in this programme.


- Plus full explanations of how the read the programme, commonly asked questions and disclaimers before you begin the training.


- Finally, for any other queries not addressed you will receive my full support throughout via any means emails, messages or calls. 

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