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8.5 kg Lean Cut

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What did he achieve?

Huge body composition changes not just a drop in scale weight:

  • 8.5KG Weight Loss 

  • 3.8CM Chest Circumference Gain 

  • 4.6CM Waist Circumference Loss

  • 7CM Hips Circumference Loss

These figures mean Harry lowered his waist to hip ratio, meaning he lost weight around his vital organs, including importantly visceral fat which changed his body composition and health for the better.


As a result:

  • His clothes now fit much better!

  • Weights lifted increased considerably!Gym performance improvements,

  • Self confidence improved!

  • Mindset, mood and energy improved! 

How did he do it?

Harry came to me needing to lose 8.5kg to hit his goal lean mass weight, so online coaching in the form of a nutrition plan was the way we achieved this. He says it was the turning point for him as he already went to the gym regularly but this plan allowed him to accelerate his progress, hit goal weight and improve his performance in the gym and on the football pitch!


The weekly nutrition support plan with the weekly check-ins made sure of continued progress throughout. Through him following and adhering to the nutrition programming I set out for him each week Harry is now at the end of his weight loss phase and moving into a maintenance phase off plan, with the unbreakable positive lifestyle habits he has made!

Want to follow in Harry's footsteps?

Educating my clients so they get not only the look and results they’ve always wanted, but a new lifestyle that allows them to maintain their results forever, is what it’s all about for me.

Harry now feels Fitter, Faster, Stronger and More Powerful both on and off the pitch and is continuing progressing his training in the gym.


If online coaching with weekly check-in support to keep you accountable with a full meal and/or training plan would be something of interest to you sign up by clicking the link below.

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