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Personal Training takes place at the client's free will and at the client's own risk

I have completed a virtual college online course on preventing the spread of COVID-19

Social distancing will remain in place between the client and myself at all times throughout sessions. If spotting is required a I will wear a face shield to protect both when breaking social distancing.

Sessions will of course not take place if the trainer or a client contracts COVID-19 or has come in contact with someone positive for COVID-19.

Digital payments for sessions are recommended over cash payments to further minimise contact.

I will as ever keep a data log of sessions delivered, times and dates.

Clients are to use hand sanitiser provided before and after sessions and are not to touch anything between the sanitiser at the gate and the astroturf.

Clients are advised  to only bring essential items  to sessions such as keys, phone and a drink

All equipment used will be wiped down both before and after a session. the client will not be required to wipe any equipment down.

Sessions will be pre-planned using equipment that can be carried out onto the astroturf, as well as adapted to avoid spotting whenever possible.

PPE such as masks will be worn at the clients request or if spotting is a necessity as well as used during any first aid required.

Hand sanitiser will also be made available at all times for clients during sessions upon their request. However, it is made compulsory prior to each session.

During sessions kit will be placed out by myself after sanitising and the client will not be required to collect or put away any kit during sessions.

Group PT sessions will require an agreement from all parties to partake in the session together. Those from the same household can travel together  to sessions and do not have to social distance during sessions. Those from different households are obliged to travel to session separately and must social distance during sessions.


Prompt arrival to sessions is essential due to new booking system in place to ensure there is at least 30 minutes between sessions to allow for the cleaning of all equipment  used in the previous session, so clients do not bump into each other on arrival and exit.


My 24-hour cancellation policy will be wavered for anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or if a client has come into contact with anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.


This COVID-19 policy will be under continuous review following the government, governing bodies and insurers advice. 

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