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12 Week Abs Programme

12 Week Abs Programme

Abs Training Programme. Goals are to maintain your overall health and wellbeing, as well as your mental wellbeing as a result of increased endorphin release from training and satisfaction at progress made over a prolonged period in order to improve your performance by having a stronger, more stable core! This programme will provide you with the necessary structure you need to succeed!


- Comprised of 12 weeks, 2 sessions a week, progressive weighted abdominal resistance training:

~ Day 1 : Weighted Abs.

~ Day 2 : Bodyweight Abs.


- As well as conditioning on all days of the 12 weeks of the training programme.


- Furthermore there are hyperlinks to my Youtube channel for every single exercise utilised in the programme.


- Plus full explanations of how the read the programme, commonly asked questions and disclaimers before you begin the training.


- If this wasn't enough for any other queries not addressed you will receive my full support throughout via any means emails, messages or calls. 

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